Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rolled Flower Center Piece

by Janine Blackwelder

Introducing our NEW Paper Shaping Tools & Piercing Mat set.

Roll - Pierce - Mold - Hold - Veining 
• 1” Slotted Paper Rolling / Piercing Tool
• 12mm / 4mm Ball Stylus 
• Right Angle Tweezers - ergonomic design  
• Firm Piercing / Veining Mat
1” Slotted Rolling / Piercing Tool: 
• Create rolled flowers and add curves to larger shapes
• Pierce flower centers to insert stems or stamens
• Pierce patterns in paper, holes for stitching and brads
12mm/4mm Stylus:
• Cover more area faster when softening paper shapes
• Use to add ink dots in 2 sizes
Right Angle Tweezers:
• Easily pick up and hold small embellishments• Allows more accurate placement

Piercing / Veining Mat:
• Firm surface to easily add veining to leaves
• Pierce decorative patterns on paper
• Tools are marked for easy identification.
• Easy Grip handles for added comfort.
• Perfect addition to McGill Paper Blossoms
  Tool Kit 65800 and Craft Molding Mat 65900

Now that you know all about the new tools and mat, here is a project made featuring rolled flowers created with the 1" Slotted Paper Rolling Tool.

 Step by step instructions to make the rolled flowers can be found here. Click on either image above for complete instructions on how to make this rolled flower center piece.




  1. Lovely!!!

  2. Ahhhh...Janine...this is so beautiful! Love it!!!