Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

by Janine Blackwelder

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Today I'd like to share a project featuring a beautiful Rose surrounded by Baby's Breath spay with a sentiment is inside a Silhouettes and Shadows Heart tag.

Create the Rose adding a few Flourish and Pine shapes and embellish with red glitter.

To create the Baby's Breath you will need the following supplies:
  1. Once all the shapes have been punched. Glue the Tree shapes to one of the circles as shown above. 
  2. Glue the Pine shapes to the arms of the Trees.
  3. Soften and shape the Star shapes with the #3mm ball stylus. Using tweezers to hold and place the Star shapes, adhere them with glue to the Pine shapes.
  4. Next,  glue the remaining circle to the the back of  your assembled Rose. This will allow you to adhere it to Baby's Breath spray.

To create the tag:

  • Silhouettes and Shadows Heart 1 Silhouette Heart from gold glitter card stock and 1 Shadow Heart from a 2"x4"white piece of card stock scored and folded in half on the 4" in half to create a 2" square. 
  • Turn the Shadow Heart punch over and align the folded edge of the folded card slightly inside the punch shape so that the fold can be seen. Turn the punch over and place on a table and punch. You will now have a folded heart shape. 
  • 1/8" Round Punchline  Punch the top left corner of the Heart tag. Stamp sentiment. Adhere gold glitter Silhouette Heart to tag front. 
  • Thread with gold cord. 

Adhere Rose with Baby's Breath spray to card front. To attach Heart tag, tie the cord around one of the Tree branches. 


Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. Wow! This is gorgeous. Takes a lot of patience to create that baby's breath, but the results are worth it.... STUNNING!