Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flower Knoll

by Anna Fearer

Anna created this delightful Flower Knoll by layering various Paper Blossom flower shapes to create Fairy like flowers. 

McGill Supplies:
-6mm stylus
-Molding mat
-Floriano Punch # 64002L 
-Buttercup #64004L
-Starburst #92081 

Other Supplies:
-Cardstock (Purple and Cream)
-Syrofoam 4" Styrofoam Ball (cut in half)
-Wire Cutters
-Quick dry adhesive

  • Cut your Styrofoam ball in half. Glue moss all around the top of the ball.
  • Punch 45 Floriano shapes from purple cardstock. Each flower needs 5 shapes. Pinch the tips of each petal up then glue inside one another making sure to alternate your petals as you glue each one inside the other. 
  • Punch 5 Starburst shapes from cream cardstock. Cup each of the 5 Starburst using the 6mm stylus. Glue them inside one another trying to alternate as much as you can (repeat this step until you have eight centers). Then glue the Starburst cluster into the center of your Floriano flowers. When you have the centers glued down, press the inside of the Starburst with the 2mm stylus while on top of the molding mat to close them together.
  • Punch 10 Buttercup shapes from cream cardstock. Punch 20 Starburst shapes from purple cardstock.
  • Glue 2 Starburst shapes in the middle of each Buttercup flower making sure to slightly offset one on top of the other. Embellish the center of each Buttercup with a rhinestone. 
  • Then add wire to 5 of the Buttercup flowers. Cut five 3" pieces of wire, bend one end to create a 45 degree angle and glue to the back of each Buttercup flower.
  • Starting with the Floriano flowers, glue them around the bottom of your
    Styrofoam. Glue your figurine to the center. Then add your Buttercup flowers around
    your figurine. Altering the wired and the regular flowers.

These would make perfect displays for a little girls room!

You can also add wax paper to the bottom of the project and set on top of a
little girl's birthday cake.

The possibilities are endless...

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating!

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