Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Table Display

With Easter being this weekend I couldn't help but show you this gorgeous table grouping featuring the Lily.  If you love this project and the Lily then you will want to make sure you stick around because we have a lot more of the Lily coming your way.

 Designed by Sue Eldred

McGill Paper Punches:
     -64511 Star Lily
     -64510 Crystal
     -64512 Starburst
     -65800 Tool Kit
     -65900 Molding Mat

Additional Supplies:
     -Fancy Pants Pattern Paper
     -Tombow Marker (#985 Chrome Yellow)
     -Adirondack Inkpad (lettuce)
     -Beacon Fabri tac Glue
     -Computer Generated Font (Bradley Hand)

To make Easter Lilies:
  1. Punch the Star Lily 6 times in White Cardstock.  use 6 of the same size shapes to make the Easter Lily.
  2. Using the Ink Applicator, lightly rub the base of each shape with ink.
  3. Place shapes on the Craft Molding Mat.  Using the 8mm stylus, press down into the center of the shape and you move the tool in a circular motion over the entire punched shape.  As you do this the paper will curl up around the stylus.
  4. Place the tweezers at the smaller, defined end of the shape.  With your index finger and thumb, pinch the paper around the end of the tweezers.
  5. Sliding the tweezers out and holding the pinched end between your finger and thumb, use the tweezers to grasp each side of the shape and roll back to form the petal.
  6. Punch a Crystal out of cardstock and place on the Craft Molding Mat.  Using the 3mm stylus at a 90 degree angle to the paper.  Press down and roll the stylus around in the center to form a cup.  This forms the flower base to attach petals and leaves.  
  7. Dip the narrow end of the 6 Lily petals in glue and attach them to the cupped Crystal arms.  
  8. Punch a Starburst shape in Witch Hazel Cardstock.  Color the round tips of both sides with the Tombow Marker. 
  9. To make the Stamen:  Follow Step #6 to cup Starburst shape, pinch the base of the Starburst to make tighter.
  10. Punch 2 Star Lily in Cardstock.  Using two of the same size petals, follow Steps #3-5 to prepare the leaves.
  11. Glue leaves around the base to complete the Easter Lily.
As always we would love to see what you are creating with McGill Paper Punches so be sure to leave us a comment with a direct link to your project.

Till next time, Happy Crafting.

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  1. This is beautiful! And, so versatile! If you made the same flowers in red at Christmas, they would look like poinsettias!